Update:  The global pandemic of the Coronavirus has impacted everyone in some way.  We want to be sure our supporters remain healthy.  In the spirit of social distancing, we have decided to postpone the bowl-a-thon until later this year.  Check back here for our rescheduled date to be announced.
Support Your Local Crime Stoppers Program
Join us at our 2nd Annual Bowl-A-Thon at Pin Chasers Veterans on Saturday, April 18th from 12 pm to 4 pm.
Crime Stoppers of Tampa Bay is a community based program that has assisted law enforcement agencies for over 32 years. We are funded by private donations, fund-raising and a grant from the Crime Stoppers Trust Fund. NO TAX DOLLARS are involved.
Help us to make Hillsborough and Pasco Counties a safer place to live, work and play.